February 2023

Welcome to our travel and fashion issue. “Fashion is in the sky, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” —Coco Chanel, French fashion designer

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Blue Pop Star Hydrangea

While there is nothing like a gorgeous winter day in Minnesota, it’s this time of year when I find myself daydreaming of sunny spring days spent in the garden. Thankfully, that daydreaming also acts as a perfect time to accomplish spring planning.

Claudia Millington

Sometimes, a simple question is all it takes to launch a caring heart on a bigger mission. For over a decade, Claudia Millington has grown the Woodbury Citizens’ Academy (WCA) as a must-do program for future public servants and volunteers.

Woodbury Heritage House

Our Woodbury Heritage Society owes a debt of gratitude for an astonishing group  of community volunteers!

Woodbury Heritage House

Red Rock Township—created in 1858—was later renamed Woodbury Township in 1859 after Levi Woodbury, a New Hampshire Supreme Court justice and friend of the town’s first board chairman. For over a century, the land was owned by roughly 15 families who farmed and produced dairy products.

The Love Hypothesis book cover.

Ali Hazelwood’s debut novel, The Love Hypothesis, is a love story unlike any other. The story follows Olive, a PhD student, who doesn’t believe in romance. However, her best friend, Anh, believes in fairytale love.

Marry Me Chicken

My husband learned early on in our relationship that I had serious skills in the kitchen. I learned early on that he loved any pasta dish with chicken in it.

Hugo Rouvinen (fourth from the top left) with the Florida Vikings semi-professional floorball team.

Hugo Rouvinen may reside in the land of hockey, but for the East Ridge High School junior, floorball is life. And if Rouvinen gets his way, others will soon see his point of view as he works to grow the sport in the U.S. and, hopefully, start a professional team in Minnesota.

Woman with gray hair wearing gray beret.

Glorious gray is actually willfully white—when it comes to hair, that is. In fact, gray hair is a misnomer. The reality is that gray hair is the result of natural hair color mixing with white strands of hair. As we age, each hair follicle stops producing melanin.

The Aurora by Jen Lewin

An average person traveling through the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) may not notice the extensive collection of art scattered throughout the two terminals. But slow down, and you may begin to notice something beyond the bustling travelers or rolling suitcases.

Hand holding a cocktail class bejeweled with rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Emeralds, sapphires and rubies, oh my!

Falconer photographed by Nancy Berg.

Nancy Berg fondly recalls a time when photographers had to shoot with film cameras and cartridges—after all, it’s where she got her start as a wildlife photographer.

Pattern of POC

South Washington County schools will host its second annual district-wide Black History Month celebration.

People grabbing burgers at a Super Bowl party.

Super Bowl Sunday is on the horizon, and that means it’s time to prepare for a day full of football, commercials and, most importantly, food.

Markgrafs Mushroom by Baylie DeLong

“I took this picture on October 12, 2021, while on a walk around Markgrafs Lake. I was out walking around with my toddler.