Claudia Millington

Sometimes, a simple question is all it takes to launch a caring heart on a bigger mission. For over a decade, Claudia Millington has grown the Woodbury Citizens’ Academy (WCA) as a must-do program for future public servants and volunteers.

Matthew Korf in his Navy uniform.

Eagle Scout Shipping Off to the Navy. Matthew Korf, 2022 Minnesota Eagle Scout of the Year, sets his eyes on the U.S. Naval Academy.

Broadcaster Freddie Bell in the studio.

Local Radio Broadcaster Honored. Freddie Bell named to Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Linda J. Hood at the Ms. wheelchair Minnesota 2022 event.

Advocating for Accessibility. Linda J. Hood uses her platform to improve bathroom accessibility.

Old hands holding young hands

Stephen R. Covey noted, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

It was 2017. Woodbury’s Kate Swenson pulled into a parking spot at work, turned a camera on herself and hit the record button. She had to talk, she had to share and she had to cry.

Bellies to the Sky

Local author Colleen Canning describes her new children’s book Bellies to the Sky as “an excellent way to teach children, and anyone who is reading, how to use our breath to relax and slow down.” The book is told b

Shay and Layla

Stratus, Cirrus, Cirrocumulus. There are many types of clouds, but for local author Christina Brandt, cloud gazing is more creative than their scientific terms.

Hannah Trevizo and Nicole Zeltinger

A lot of people have an idea for a podcast that they’re sure will be a hit, but few actually sit down to record an episode.

Thank a teacher

“THE TEACHERS DESERVE THE AWARDS for all that they do, especially during these times,” says Stephanie Lundell, who received first place in the Activities & Events category of the Focus on Woodbury photo contest for her submission titled Red Rock Teach Parade.

Katie Hockert, founder Walter Dobgima, and Ivy Miller

Following the harrowing death of George Floyd came a wave of grief, devastation and heartache. For Woodbury resident Walter Dobgima, it was hard to sleep.