May 2022

“The beautiful spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” —Harriet Ann Jacobs

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My fiancé and I share a few hobbies together—exploring new cities, hiking our way through national parks and spending time outdoors in the summer are just a few. Like many others in the east Metro, we tend to spend our summer days on the pontoon along the St.

An Unexpected Visitor

Most people don’t take the time to stop and observe the world around them. But Kent Nye, hobbyist photographer for almost 40 years, often pays closer attention to his surroundings in order to capture the beauty of it.

Sweet Buenos Aires

If you want to make your caramel and chocolate dreams come true, you need an epicurean bite of Paula Sabores Argentinos’ marquise—dense brownie cake, smooth dulce de leche, wispy Italian meringue and rich melted chocolate.

Friends Fest

Join the Woodbury Community Foundation (WCF) for the annual Friends Fest fundraising event.

Bonfire, Build, Bows and Bait

The City of Woodbury is hosting Bonfire, Build, Bows and Bait for a fourth year. This family-friendly, outdoor event is a chance for boys and girls ages 4–12 to get a look at what fishing and archery are, as well as enjoy a sweet treat at the end of the evening.

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

It was 2017. Woodbury’s Kate Swenson pulled into a parking spot at work, turned a camera on herself and hit the record button. She had to talk, she had to share and she had to cry.

Gardening Goats

Goats. You’ve seen them at the zoo; you’ve seen them in the mountains out west; you might even eat goat cheese derived from goat’s milk. They’re an animal everyone is familiar with, but there’s one task some goats do that people aren’t as familiar with: landscaping.

Paw Patrol

Bringing the community together just seven years ago, manager of the Lake Elmo Farmers Market Jill Lundgren developed the market as a way to unite business with philanthropy.

Start Them Young

Spring sports are in full swing, as boys and girls head to the baseball and softball diamonds, lacrosse players break out their sticks and others lace up their soccer cleats. This year, there’s somewhere new kids are heading: the cricket pitch.

Curb Appeal

Crafting unique floral arrangements for the doorsteps and porches of Woodbury residents is the mission of Liberty Erickson.

Stop and Smell the Rosemary

Last summer, my husband built me a new garden, complete with raised beds, storage for all of my supplies and a gate to keep out the “neighbors” (deer and bunnies, not you Mark and Andrea).

The Barbizon: The Hotel that Set Women Free

The Barbizon tells the story of a hotel’s fascinating history, from its conception and the tenement laws that lead to its design in the 1920s through its end as condominiums.


My husband is the type that finds enjoyment from creating meticulous plans within plans, knowing they are doomed to fail in some part—how many lesson days, number of standards, scope and sequence, mapping it out to ensure every single approach is covered … Which will be modified by snow days, unf

A Month  for Pairings

Once in awhile, moons align, and the right wine matches with great food. I hope you enjoy some of my absolute favorites for food and wine pairings as much as I do.

Nature’s Gift

Phil Eldredge—a Woodbury native of 20 years—found himself inspired when his friend Vikas Narula asked the question, “What is your heart’s whisper?” Eldredge automatically knew the answer: Letters he wrote to his grandchildren when they were born.